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Arteon Rline Newbie questions

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Hi all,

I just ordered my Arteon Rline 2.0 TSI 190hp in Oryx White, should be getting it end of June and i cant wait!

I have a couple of questions though that i cant seem to find online, perhaps one of you guys can help me out :)

The first one is regarding the seats. I got the 14 way adjustable elec seats with memory and massage features but id like to know if this applies to both driver and passenger seats or just the driver? I mean will both seats be elec or just one? I cant seem to find the answer to this anywhere.

My other question is regarding the 190hp. Originally i was going to go for the 280hp option, but it was a little bit too much over my budget so went for the 190hp in stead. Hows the feeling of this car? i mean, do you feel the power when you accelerate? I drove a new A5 TDI 150hp the other day and i could really feel the gforce when i accelerated. Hoping i will with the Arteon as well.

Finally, i went for the Discover Pro option which i believe comes with additional speakers. Are these good? I know there is an additional Sound package that brings even more speakers (11 compared to 9 i think), but is the Discover pro good too?

Also, why have VW limited the ambient light to just 3 colours? Ive seen many videos from people who have added more colours by adjusting parameters with VCDS but i dont understand why this has been limited to 3..

Really excited and cant wait to get it, thanks in advance guys!
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Hi and welcome.
Can't answer first Q as have standard seats having bought a demo with no extras.

190PS is fine. Power delivery is linear not punchy like my previous Diesel VRS Octavia. Throttle response could be better but think this could be fixed by VCDS. I'll investigate once I get around to it.
Don't have discover PRO but standard sound very good.
You would need to ask VW about interior colours but leave mine alone after initial fiddling around. Gold/.Yellow is nice but tend to use white. May enable multi colour eventually. I found I turned all the ambient lighting down as found itr distracting at night.
You won't be dissappointed, it's a great car.
Thanks, i cant wait to get it! ive watched every review there is and i just cant wait to get my hands on it. I tried the TDI and was very happy with it but decided to go for Petrol and was just hoping that the 190 would be enough. Not really bothered about it being punchy but just wanted to make sure that it has enough power to pull away quickly when taking over for example.

By the way, i found this:

Might get one after a while to play around with the settings/ambient lighting.
Hi ive got a 190 and im very happy with it.I test drove the 280 but thought im never going to use all that power in the real world and saved some money.
For the seats Q I asked the dealer the same question, and after even then not knowing and asking around the found out that it is ONLY for the driver seat that you have the massage function and the 14 way adjustment. Congrats on your car. Give us some first impressions
It beats me how VW are giving June dates for newly ordered cars. My similar order placed in July last year was quoting October 2019 delivery two weeks ago. Be prepared for a little disappointment as they string you along. That engine is not even type approved yet. I collect my new A5 Sportback Black Edition in two days.
For the seats Q I asked the dealer the same question, and after even then not knowing and asking around the found out that it is ONLY for the driver seat that you have the massage function and the 14 way adjustment. Congrats on your car. Give us some first impressions
I think it was tough already for VW to include what they did given how close the Arteon crosses over into Audi territory but I think it could use more and won't be a bad thing with more Audi features. Stealth wealth is becoming a thing and not everyone cares for an Audi badge.
We have had our 2.0 tsi (280) for just over a year now, and we are very satiesfied. It is a very comfortable and practical car that drives very well. It has been problem free, and it is kind of fun with all the technical functions this car has (it has all options).
Can't really find any negatives. The only little thing is that in normal mode the DSG might be a little reluctant to gear down when I would like it to. But that is easilly overcome by either manually change gear with the paddles or put it in sport mode.
In comfort mode the adjustable suspension soaks up imperfections on the road making 20' alloys still deliver a very confortable drive when wanted. And on nice curvy roads, the sport mode makes it handle very well.
Very happy that we made this choice of car 🙂
That feedback sounds about right from what i'm hearing overall.
The only real downside comes with performance. VW hasn't launched a high performing Arteon but I think in another year or two we'll have clearer information on the availability of that. Is it even something you guys will want?
Hi, I can hopefully answer some of your questions. I have the 14 way electric seat option and I can confirm the passenger seat is electric but without massage or memory. The Discover Pro only gives you a bigger screen and better integration with virtual cockpit. For additional speakers you need to spec Dynaudio which is worth every penny if you enjoy your music.
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