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Arteon RLine 1.5 TSI 150PS

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Hi there!

I´m thinking about buying this car but I still have doubts as I have been a Diesel owner previously and never had a petrol engine. I also have some doubts about this engine in such a big car. I come from a Focus 1.6TDCi 109PS and that is more than enough for me but don´t know how the difference of weight will affect the Arteon, plus the different torque between a petrol engine and a diesel engine. And of course fuel consumption, I´m coming from a 50mpg average which obviously it´s going to be impossible to achieve but I would like to know how big the jump from one to another is going to be.

I´m hoping that someone owns it or has driven one can help me with those questions.

PS. I´m a Spanish native speaker so please forgive my grammar...
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My best suggestion is that you take a test drive if possible. The Arteon is a large car, but not that heavy.
I have had a couple of diesel cars myself, from a 142 hp Tiguan to a 245 hp Touareg. I did not like the engine in the Tiguan, but the V6 diesel in the Touareg was great.
However I generally prefere petrol engines over diesels, as I find them more "engaging" to drive.
My experience with the 2.0 TSI 280 hp in the Arteon is very positive. Not driven it a lot yet, but on our only long trip so far we managed an average of 41 mpg (0.68 l/10 km) which I think is very good (used the ACC most of the 300 km long trip).
Since there are several petrol and diesel engines available for this car, I wish you the best in finding the one best suited for you. They all look very good :)
I've come from a 184PS Diesel to a 190PS Petrol and do notice the torque isn't as low down. The petrol engine needs to be revved harder to get it to go.
I've driven a 1.5TSi Skoda Superb and was impressed how well it went, but it felt slow compared to the 184CR Octavia I had.
I personally would miss the power in the Arteon I think but for you coming from the focu i think it would feel OK.
My 1.5 TSI arrived last week, in my many years I have driven numerous different vehicles but I have to say the Arteon is a real pleasure to drive. I was concerned with reviews on the DSG at low speed so opted for the manual and the gearbox is very smooth.
In week 1 I am achieving 48.5 mpg which I am sure will improve as the engine beds in.
In manganese grey she is a real head turner. Great job VW
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