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Arteon finally coming to the US

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The long delayed NA launch of the Arteon is finally coming to an end as Herbert Diess himself has said it will come to the US this year. It is expected to arrive at some point this summer, following the release of the new Jetta GLI, which is already underway.
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VW moves way too slow and probably realized that with all the positive feedback of Kia's Stinger. Yet they wanted to understand the North American market.
The US market just seems to be a low priority for them, even with many of their new crossovers. Very odd considering their popularity and success. I can understand their hesitation with a sedan since sales have been sliding for years now.
the culprit was certification, VW just couldn't get it in time to launch in sync with other markets that got the Arteon
If you consider the huge drop off in sales both the Passat and Jetta have seen over the past few years, its obvious why they are shifting focus to crossovers and EV's. The Arteon might be one of the last great touring cars we see from VW.
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