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Hi just taken delivery of my new VW Arteon 190 R Line DSG in White. Love it! I have a couple of questions that hopefully somebody can help and answer for me.

1. Can you view the Sat Nav on both the screen and instrument dial at the same time. I am sure when I picked it up the sales chap said you could, but can't seem to get it to work.

2. Interior lighting. When I get in the car at night it seems very dark. The large light above my head is quite off putting to start with. Is this supposed to stay on all the time?
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I can on refere to how it works in my Arteon, so:

1. Yes - they can be displayed in both displays at the same time. You just chose Nav from the steering wheel menu to display it there.

2. The light can be adjusted (also fully off if I remember correctly). You can find that in the main menu.

I would in general suggest you read the owners manual, as there are loads of different settings and adjustments available, somewhat depending on which satnav/radio/soundsystem you have, and which options the car has - including drivers aids.
Welcome to the forum Anton, congrats on your new Arteon. Looks like Arne has already given you some answers and suggestions. What car were you driving previously? Look any anything else before deciding on your 190?
The Arteon User Manual really takes a lot of time to fathom and it has so many "subject to model variants".

You can get a lot of insight by watching VW and user created videos on Youtube, then playing with the steering wheel buttons before starting a drive.

For examples to get you going on the digital display configurations try the following two:-
( Whilst these are for the 2018 Passat, they are virtually identical to 2018 Arteon (or "subject to model variant" as VW would say)


You might want consider getting brighter aftermarket LED lighting for your interior. With all the owners that have taken delivery so far i'm sure there are some who have traveled that path.
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