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Almost 1.5 years of ownership.

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We bought our Arteon as a second hand car 8 months old / 12.000km - buildt in August 2017 (as a 2018 model) - so close to two years old now.

Had it in for it's first service last week (we made the dealer change the oil when we took delivery) at 23.000 km.

It has been problem free, and still a dream to drive - specially on long trips.

Gave it a quick wash before I took it for servicing (pics below), and it looks (and drives) just as good as when it was new.

Very happy owner 😊

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Congrats on getting your Arteon. How much less did you end up paying for it out the door?

Glad to hear its problem free so far. I heard some negatives that might have me consider the Kia Stinger... we'll see.
We bought it almost 1.5 years ago (when it was 8 months "old"). Car prices in Norway are very high due to high taxes, so really not comparable to most other countries.

The deal was pretty good though ~ 22% off new price, and the car was 100% like new. It is a challenge to sell these kind of cars in Norway, as the popular cars here are either SUVs, stationwagons and/or el. cars (due to their very low taxations).

The Arteon we bought was the 2.0 tsi 280 hp, with all options included. First owner was the CFO of the VW importer.
Not a bad deal that should help to off set depreciation. How long are you planning to own?
Not 100% sure yet, but probabely for a rather long time. The Arteon meets all the needs we have for a practical everyday car for the moment (and then some), and I can't see that need change anytime soon.
For different reasons, have become very popular in Norway over the last years (mainly due to no taxes, and an increasingly good infrastructure of charging stations). I am not that "fond" of, but they do keep on getting better. When we buy our next car, it might be an electric one. However I do hope that is still several years into the future, and we will probabely try to stick with the Arteon for as long as we think it is practical. If it keeps on being more or less problem free, that might be a good number of years. We are also very happy with the dealer/workshop we use for the Arteon (we have also used them for previous VW/Audis that we have had in the past), and that is another factor to take into the consideration.

We also have a "fun weekend summer car" (a Jaguar F-type R), which I intend to keep forever (as long as I live). So for time being we do not have any plans of making any changes of our car ownerships.
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Glad to hear that your Arteon hasn't been causing any problems for you. I love the grey/black combo on it.
A very good model of the car, it looks just great. I congratulate you on the purchase of Arteon here we are also the owners of this model of car and I am interested in one question, we just change the oil every 7500km but according to the references on the Internet that I found, such as they write that you need to change the oil once every 12000km, but we understand from the condition of the oil that it needs to be changed much earlier. What does this mean? do we already have a problem with the car parts, or is this the norm for this car? We are very concerned about our safety and do not want a small breakdown to affect something seriously.
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