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3 Child Seats?

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Really want to pull the trigger on a white SEL Premium R-Line whenever we can finally buy in the states...but here’s my question. Can you fit 3 car seats across in the back? Specifically, 2 Diano’s on the outside, and a booster for a 5 year old in the middle? Thanks in advance!
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Not sure about Diano brand seats but you can fit 3 child seats on the rear seat .
Here is one article I found on the VWwatercooled sight.....Can the Arteon fit 3 child seats?

Babydrive is a great site that reviews cars based upon their family friendliness. It does confirm that 3 seats can fit in the rear with a tether and two with the isofix.
It is possible to fit three car seats across in the back, but not in all the cars, so before deciding what to do and what type of car seats to buy, I would recommend you to consult a company that provides such car seats, as most probably they know what car is accessible for fitting three car seats. In case you do not know such a company, I can recommend to you the company where I bought my evenflo tribute lx. So if you are interested, just click on the like above. I hope you will find this information helpful. Stay safe and have a wonderful day!
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