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2019 Arteon priced for US

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With the Arteon finally set to arrive on US shores, VW has detailed its MSRP. It will start from $36,840 which is roughly a $10k premium over the mid size Passat. It is however set closely to other sportback models like the Kia Stinger and Buick Regal Sportback that start in the mid $30,000's. Heres a full breakdown of pricing per trim level.

SE ($36,840)
-Adaptive dampers system
-Proximity-key entry
-Three-zone automatic climate control
-Forward-collision warning and automated emergency braking
-Blind-spot monitoring
-8.0-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality
-Heated power front seats

SEL ($40,990)
-Panoramic sunroof
-Remote start
-Nappa leather upholstery
-12.3-inch digital gauge cluster
-Adaptive cruise control

SEL Premium ($45,940)
-Heated steering wheel
-Paddle shifters
-Cooled front seats and heated rear seats
-Massaging driver's seat
-Power liftgate
-Premium audio system
-19 inch wheels
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This is pretty close to what I expected for an entry level luxury sedan. One issue that I do see, is that you have to step up to the SEL just to get adaptive cruise. That's a standard feature on many down segment cars these days.
I shopped for my Arteon color combination, but have a few points that I found out during many discussions that might be of interest to US buyers:

1. Most dealers got just 2-3 cars and SE and SEL Premium in the initial roll-out. Its not clear if the number will ramp up.

2. There is an active cash incentive program by VW to help US dealers sell the car with up to $2500 incentives.
3. Most dealers told me they would not sell below MSRP
4. 3 dealers offered me the invoice price - approx $1500 off MSRP for the SE 4WD.
5. One dealer told me they may only get as little as 6 cars per year and another dealer told me they expect to sell maybe 2-3 cars per month, so low volume sales.

Personally, I think the Arteon is going to be a hard to sell volume car in US. Place it next to a US Passat and its nearly double that price, so its a specialist kind of car for those that want the technology and more importantly the space.
Some might disagree but I think if VW doesn't get it together, Kia might be taking away their customers with the new Stinger... in fact i'm starting to warm up to it.
I don't know why but the quality of Arteon is even worse than a Toyota Corolla:)). I've bought one in 2019 the problems appeared starting at 1000 miles.
I've also had before buying my Arteon Volkswagen CC. And the quality of materials a better in CC. It seems like I'm having a Hyundai Sonata. the sound in the interior when you are driving is like a rattle. The DSG started to move in maintenance mode somehow, and when the gear was changed is was made with pushes. I was very angry about it and I decided to sell it as fast as possible. I used a car removal service which made all for me with the highest speed. If you would like to do like me you can find here . Finally, I decided that I'll never buy a VAG anymore.
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