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190 HP TSi 230 mph at 6000 rpm

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Not a typo - yes my 2018 190HP TSi DSG7 in 7th gear indicates 70 mph at 1800rpm, 77 mph at 2000 rpm, 90 mph at 2300 rpm, et al. The indicated speeds are correct as I checked with my TomTom. So if I pushed this beast to 6000 rpm then I would be doing 230 mph.:surprise:

Does your rev counter work like this?
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Your real top speed is probably done in 6. gear. My other car (an F-type R) does 200 km/h at 2 500 rpm in 8. gear, but top speed (300 km/h) is done in 6. gear.
That is interesting Arne. Was there insufficient torque in 8th gear ratio to accelerate beyond a certain speed level?
My engine is turbo charged, right? I thought turbo would give constant 320Nm torque up to 4200 rpm. So therefore 77 mph / ( 2000 x 4200 ) rpm would give 162 mph.

Do you think my electronics are showing the correct rpm to mph ratio, or is the software at fault ?
Your car is turbo charged. The limitation to reach top speed is a mix between hp, torque, air resistance and gearing. I am pretty shure your rpm's readings are correct.

The problem with higher gears is that the power (both torque and hp) to the wheels is reduced the higher the gearing is (kind of like weight×arm=power of lift).

Most cars reach top speed in the second or third top gear, and almost never in top gear. Top gear is for comfort and high mpg at medium speeds in low rpm's.
A tune would help in this situation as I've seen in other cars but definitely not something that everyone is ready for. If you like the Arteon it might be called for.
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